A security technician would like to obscure sensitive data within | SY0-501 Dumps Question #5

A security technician would like to obscure sensitive data within a file so that it can be
transferred without causing suspicion.
Which of the following technologies would BEST be suited to accomplish this?
A. Transport Encryption
B. Stream Encryption
C. Digital Signature
D. Steganography
Answer: D


Steganography is the process of hiding a message in another message so as to obfuscate
its importance. It is also the process of hiding a message in a medium such as a digital
image, audio file, or other file. In theory, doing this prevents analysts from detecting the real
message. You could encode your message in another file or message and use that file to
hide your message.

A company wants to host a publicly available server that performs | SY0-501 Practice Exam Question # 4

A company wants to host a publicly available server that performs the following functions:
Evaluates MX record lookup
Can perform authenticated requests for A and AAA records Uses RRSIG
Which of the following should the company use to fulfill the above requirements?
Which of the following should the company use to fulfill the above requirements?
C. nslookup
D. dig
Answer: A


DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) provides, among other things, cryptographic
authenticity of responses using Resource Record Signatures (RRSIG) and authenticated
denial of existence using Next-Secure (NSEC) and Hashed-NSEC records (NSEC3).

A product manager is concerned about continuing operations | Sy0-501 Sample Question 3

A product manager is concerned about continuing operations at a facility located in a region undergoing significant political unrest. After consulting with senior management, a decision is made to suspend operations at the facility until the situation stabilizes.
Which of the following risk management strategies BEST describes management’s response?

A. Deterrence
B. Mitigation
C. Avoidance
D. Acceptance
Answer: C

New magnetic locks were ordered for an entire building | SY0-501 Sample Question 2

New magnetic locks were ordered for an entire building. In accordance with company policy, employee safety is the top priority.
In case of a fire where electricity is cut, which of the following should be taken into consideration when installing the new locks?

A. Fail safe
B. Fault tolerance
C. Fail secure
D. Redundancy
Answer: A


Joe a computer forensic technician responds | SY0-501 Sample Question 1

Joe a computer forensic technician responds to an active compromise of a database
server. Joe first collects information in memory, then collects network traffic and finally
conducts an image of the hard drive.

Which of the following procedures did Joe follow?

A. Order of volatility
B. Chain of custody
C. Recovery procedure
D. Incident isolation
Answer: A



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CompTIA Security+ certification validates knowledge of security fundamentals, basic risk identification and analysis, threat identification and assessment, IT infrastructure security, cryptography, operational security, and general security processes including incident response and business continuity.

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In this course you will learn the following:

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Analyzing Risk
  • Identify Security Threats
  • Conducting Security Assessments
  • Host and Software Security
  • Network Security
  • Managing Identify and Access
  • Implementing Cryptography
  • Implementing Operational Security
  • Addressing Security Incidents
  • Ensuring Business Incidents

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To take CompTIA Security+ Exam students should have 24 months’ experience of personal computer or networking support. Whether students have passed CompTIA A+ or Network+, it is recommended that they have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Know the function and basic features and components of a PC.
  • Use Windows administrative tools (Explorer, Settings, Control Panel and Management Consoles) to create and manage files and basic features of the operating system.
  • Basic network terminology (such as OSI Model, Topology, Ethernet, TCP/IP); TCP/IP addressing, core protocols, and troubleshooting tools.
  • Basic use of desktop virtual workstation environments.


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